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March 22, 2011
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WIP Ref by WorstCase-Scenario WIP Ref by WorstCase-Scenario
Look at all this unfinished stuff. How embarrassing.

For :icontbos-oct:

Here's the script:[link]

This is also temporary, hopefully I'll be able to clean everything up soon.


Name: Cecil

Race: Shapeshifter

Height: about 5'4''

Personality: Cecil grew up in a far nicer place and as a result is far more welcoming to strangers. Heís rather dependant on others, a bit lazy, but he is pleasant (though I supposed he could get irritating if he relied too much on you).

Fighting Style: Heís not really very good at fighting, though he would do his best to defend himself.

History: Like I said earlier, he came from a nice town located somewhere far warmer than where he lives now (which is where his sister lives). At the point in time at which the audition starts Cecil has only been in this new city for a couple months, and has only recently met his sister.

You see, their mother slept around a lot and, since families arenít a big deal in their society, (their regard for family is similar to that of most predatory animals) she didnít really feel inclined to inform Lex when her younger brother was born. But Lex and Cecil are not actually sure whether they are siblings, half-siblings, or entirely unrelated (perhaps their presumed mother picked up the wrong child?), so their relationship is rather awkward.

Random Facts:

-Cecil has albinism, not the red eyes and white hair sort. He
has light blonde hair and blue eyes.

-He has bad eyesight too. Fortunately, the previous place he lived was more advanced and actually had glasses. He wears the athletic sort of glasses with the elastic band.

-He is better educated than Lex. He can read and write.

-Though his old home was more advanced than most places in their world, they werenít very medically advanced. Therefore his albinism goes unnoticed by others; Cecil doesnít know he has albinism, but he does know he gets sunburn easily.

-Heís entirely willing to run away from a bad situation.

-He's at an awkward "I seem to be hitting puberty age".

Name: Lex

Race: Shapeshifter

Height: about 5'7''

Weight: I don't know exact numbers, but fairly scrawny. Or, at least, she's supposed to be I'm not sure if I depicted that very well.

Personality: A majority of the time Lex is a work-oriented and serious individual (she may on occasion make jokes, but itís likely that the joke will only be funny to her). And, being that she has always lived in a rather unappealing city, she can be rather rude.

Fighting Style: She's more of a hack and slash sort, turning into animals with sharp teeth and claws to meet this method. Other than that she will, on occasion, beat people (or creatures) with blunt objects. Not really that strong, due to her being scrawny, so it can take her a bit to be successful in a fight.

History: She lives and works in a city that is not advanced in any way (and sort of post-apocalyptic?). Socially, there is plenty of discrimination between races. In terms of technology, they have basic remnants of our technology but being that most electrical things have ceased to function after neglect if Lex were to see a functioning car she would be frightened but a shell of car would be nothing remarkable.
As for her work the best way to describe it would be that sheís a mercenary, but instead of being strictly for attacking and protecting she will do any job that requires her shapeshifting abilities and other odd jobs.
Her main goal in life is to make enough money to leave the city she lives in, but now having to take care of brother that goal seems further off than it was before.

Random Facts:
-She's supposed to look a bit androgynous, I tried to make her appear that way not sure if I really pulled it off. And because of that she's often mistaken for being male, which will usually piss her off.

-She supposed to be kind of ugly too, not grotesque, but awkward and unappealing. But I suppose that too will become more apparent once I get better at drawing.

-She gardens, for practical reasons mostly....not much else to say about that.

-She's illiterate, at least mostly. She can write and read simple things.

-Due to being rather uneducated, one can imagine that her language probably depicts this -meaning that she uses contractions often, misuses larger words, and cusses.

-Though she's ignorant she is not stupid, please don't get the two confused. She's actually fairly resourceful and, occasionally, clever.

-Lex probably would not know what most modern luxuries are but she would probably recognize weapons and tools.

-Lex is also entirely willing to run from a bad situation.

-She is older than her brother, not sure by how much.

Feel free to ask questions!

(I'll add more as things come to mind.)
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